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EpicaMRO Inc., facilities are based in Miami, Fl. Our  mission is to work directly with our customers in creating long term savings, and efficient maintenance programs. EpicaMRO Inc. will continue to develop it's capabilities according to the market  needs, and the savings potential we can offer to our customer. With over 18 years experience in the aviation maintenance and manufacturing, we are all well versed in development approvals, creating new products, modifying existing products to serve the specific needs of individual customers, and  more!

Repair/Asset Management Programs: Created daily for our prospects. The advantages we share as, Minority Owned, Small Businesses; allow us to compete and be successful in delivering excellent results at very competitive prices. We work as a team looking to build on volume and repeat business more than high margins in every deal.

Let's discuss your customized plans, where your savings interests are, what we can help you accomplish in: manufacturing, PMA alternatives, Engineering Order designs, etc., The sky is literally the limit and goal!